Welcome to My New Home

Welcome! As you probably know, I have been going through some transitions lately with my practice. After practicing Bikram Yoga for over four years, and running My Bikram Yoga Life for roughly 3.5 years, I suddenly found my studio closing. I could have continued my Bikram practice at another studio, but I decided to do a trial at a place that does hot vinyasa. I thought I would use my studio closing as an opportunity to try something new. If I didn’t care for it, there was always a Bikram studio just down the road.

yoga matWell, turns out that I love my new practice. I love it very much. I love it so much that I decided to start going all the time and not worry about going to another Bikram studio. Of course, it’s kinda impossible to have a blog called My Bikram Yoga Life when I’m not maintaining a Bikram yoga practice. I thought about what to do, and here I am with a new blog. I do want to get us straight on a few things as we head down this new path together:

  • Please do not interpret my switch from Bikram to hot vinyasa as an indication that I was unhappy with Bikram. I wasn’t unhappy at all. I am not suggesting you should stop doing your Bikram practice if you have one (keep at it!). If my studio was still open, I would still be there.

While some things will look similar, and might remind you of MBYL, other things might not. I can’t say definitely what those are because this blog will find its own voice over time. But here are some basics as we get started:

  • Posts will still happen on Mondays.
  • If I review a product or share a recipe, those posts will go up on Thursdays.
  • The weekend retro throwback will no longer be in place.
  • If you are following My Bikram Yoga Life on Facebook, thanks! You will notice a name change to The Academic Yogi in the near future.
  • If you want to follow me on Twitter (or already do), that will stay the same @LeighAHall
  • This is a new blog with a clean slate. At this time, posts from MBYL will not appear here. I do plan to log them somewhere. I’ll let you know. The MBYL site is still up and will be through the year. I will not be adding new content to the site, but the old stuff is there is you are interested.

Let’s get this party started!

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