Favorite Things: Aurorae Women’s Flip Flop

Once upon a time, long, long ago (like 15 years ago I think), I bought a very lovely, comfortable pair of flip flops. At some point, they became my official yoga flip flops. And then, one day, I looked down at them and realized they were falling apart. Any minute now, a strap was going to break. I needed a new pair of shoes.

So I did what any lazy yogi who loved her flip flops would do.


I just kept using my shoes and waiting for them to break. I refused to give them up. I loved them. We had a bond.

Yeah…ok…we had a bond until I was on the Aurorae website and saw a fabulous pair of flip flops for 25.00! The nice people at Aurorae were kind enough to send me a pair to try and review in response to me raving about the shoes I saw.

Now, flip flops may seem like a simple thing, but I think they are very critical to my overall yoga well-being, and I will tell you why.

When I’m coming out of class, and pretty sure I am about to die, the last thing in the world I want to do is fool around with shoes. I just want some flip flops that will slide right onto my feet, not slide around on a potentially sweaty foot, and be comfortable from the yoga studio to the car.

These shoes fit the bill perfectly.

My fabulous new shoes.
My fabulous new shoes.

In fact, they fit so perfectly that I had no problem immediately giving up my previous pair of flip-flops which I had been stubbornly refusing to do until the Aurorae shoes showed up.

After two or three wears, the shoes had stretched (or conformed?) perfectly to my feet. They slipped right on and right off without any issue.  They met all my criteria of being easy to wear, no-slippage, and super comfy. Sometimes, I even wear them to walk the dog in.

Admittedly, I am not a big flip-flop wearing person. I’d much rather run around in my day-to-day life in a pair of tennis shoes. So I cannot comment on what I think of these flip-flops outside of the comings and goings from yoga. But given how great they have been with that, I think these would do really well if I were to wear them for running errands and general what-not.

I looked into what others thought about the shoes. There are currently 47 reviews of these shoes on Amazon, and 98% gave them a five-star rating. I skimmed these and saw many people saying they were comfortable to wear for daily use and provided great support. They are sturdy shoes.

The shoes do not come in half sizes, and it’s recommended that if you are a half size that you size up. I am an 8.5 so I ordered a 9, and it fit perfectly. A size 8 would have been too small.

So…. ladies….in the market for some yoga shoes? I think you’ve landed on the perfect pair.



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