What is Possible?

Recently, one of my yoga teachers asked us to consider what was possible. What was possible within the moment that we were in? It could be that breathing was the only thing we found possible to do at that moment (and not a posture). And that was just fine.

I love this question because it helps to put so many things into perspective and can be a great way to frame our daily lives off the mat. When confronted with a day that seems overwhelming, when confronted with too many tasks that need to get done, it can be a good idea to step back and ask, “What is possible?

In moments that feel out of control, and when we have lost our breath and focus, identifying one thing that is possible and then doing that thing can help us get unstuck. Doing that one thing has the potential to move us forward. And when we can get one thing done, then that’s one thing less to overwhelm us. We can start to see that things can get done – maybe not in the time frame we want or all on one day, but they can get done.

A trick here is to stay in the moment with whatever that one thing is you have decided is possible to do. It’s easy to identify one thing, start doing it, and then instantly start thinking about the 20 other things you are not doing. I don’t know about you, but that kind of thinking causes me to freak out, have a meltdown, and not do my one thing well if at all.

So figure out what is possible – even make a list of what you think is possible if that helps – and then get at it, but stay in the moment. This isn’t easy. Your mind may want to race and yell at you about what you are not doing, but I think that’s pretty normal (silly monkey brains!). Let your mind chatter and have tantrums – whatever it needs to do. Just don’t engage with it.

Keep doing your thing.


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