A Vegan Thanksgiving Review

Last week, I wrote about the vegan Thanksgiving menu I had planned. So, how did it go? Are any of these recipes worth your time? Would I try them again? Did the Boyfriend eat them? Let’s find out….

The Main Dish: Lentil Mushroom Walnut Balls with Cranberry Pear Sauce

This was divine. Let me repeat – divine. The Boyfriend LOVED it (and he had initially seemed less than thrilled). These things are super easy to make, but do yourself a favor and cook them on parchment paper. I realized I didn’t have any so I used tin foil. They tend to stick to tin foil which can make them fall apart. This is probably why the directions say to use parchment paper, right?

I got so excited about the fried onions I threw some on my biscuit,
I got so excited about the fried onions I threw some on my biscuit. I threw them on most things apparently.

I made the balls early on and set them aside until we were nearing the end of the cooking marathon. While they were in the oven, I made the sauce. This sauce is scrumptious. I don’t think I followed the directions in terms of cooking time. I cooked it down until I was happy with it. I also did not mash up the pear pieces because I was exhausted and just wanted to eat. Totally worked out fine.

The Sides: The sides all came from here. Off this site, I made green bean casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, and biscuits and gravy.

The green beans and mashed potatoes were easy to make and amazing. The Boyfriend raved about the mashed potatoes and kept raving about them as we ate them for leftovers. I don’t think he knew there was coconut milk in them, and I doubt he would have cared. He keeps saying we need to make more (I made the full amount).

You can make the green beans early on as you just cook them in boiling water for five minutes, drain, and set aside until you’re ready to finish the dish. If I had been paying attention, I would have figured that out and done it first thing. So there’s a tip for you!

The fried onions for the casserole were easy to make. I used olive oil because I realized I had no vegetable oil. It worked out fine. I tossed in a bunch and took them out when they looked done. Then I tried not to immediately eat them all because they are soooo yummy when they first come out of the pan! The Boyfriend was impressed that I made these from scratch – but they are not hard.

I loved the gravy. Again, something easy to make. The recipe said I could make it the day before but that it would congeal. This made me hesitant so I made it the day of (early on). What I found is that this dish would have worked if I had done it the day before. It does congeal, but it easily turns back into gravy when you heat it up.

The Boyfriend did not like the gravy, but that’s a personal thing. It turns out that while he loves onions and he loves gravy, he does not love onions in his gravy. Go figure.

The biscuits were so-so, but I’m going to blame myself for that. While they are easy to make, I have to tell you that I am terrible with baking bread. My pizza dough is so-so. I stopped making pizza dough from scratch and just started buying it at the store. If you are good at baking bread then this will probably work out well for you and it will be delicious. I just have to concede that I am not a bread baker no matter how hard I try to be. That’s ok.

Dessert: Apple Crumble Bars

Yeah for Apple Crumble Bars! You can make this the day before. I did not. I made it first thing inIMG_0720[1] the morning before I started everything else. It heats up super well OR if you are starving and are waiting for your food to cook you can just spoon it straight from the pan into your mouth. I didn’t bother to cut these up as bars. These bars convinced me that trying to make a pie would have been overrated and not worth it. I’m not a pie baker.

The Final Verdict

Overall, this meal was a huge success. I would make everything again minus the biscuits (but that’s on me). I’m just buying biscuits from here on out. The Boyfriend also loved this meal. He said, “It has all the flavors.”


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