Get Thinking About Veganuary

Veganuary is coming up – January 1st. It’ll be here before you know it! What is Veganuary? Veganuary is the act of going vegan for the entire month of January. Depending on your current diet, this might seem like a challenge (or not). However, I assure you there are a number of ways to take part in this experience.

I took a 30-Day vegan challenge a few years ago. It wasn’t connected to Veganuary. Going into the challenge, I was 100% vegetarian and had been for almost a year. About a month before the vegan challenge started, I began to experiment with vegan cooking and started thinking about what to eat when cheese, milk, butter, and eggs were no longer going to be options. This gave me time to think some things through and prepare. My point is this: If you are interested in the idea of going vegan it could be difficult to jump in 100% out of the gate. I also don’t recommend you do that. Instead, I have some simple tips to get you started and be successful.

  1. Evaluate your current diet: Be honest here. Are you eating animal products at every meal? Do most of your meals contain meat? I say this because when I evaluated my eating habits I learned that I usually ate meat only at dinner, sometimes at lunch, and hardly ever at breakfast. This helped me transition to vegetarian eating by realizing I was already pretty close. Your results will show you what your habits are and how easy or (potentially) difficult a transition to vegan could be (yes, even for just 30 days)
  2. Set a Goal: It might make sense for you to be 100% vegan for Veganuary – and it might not. The last thing anyone wants is for you to get frustrated and quit. Maybe you say, “All my lunches will be vegan in January” or, “One meal a day will be vegan in January” or “All my snacks will be vegan.” You get the point. When I did my 30-day vegan challenge I found it hard to do. You might not, but if you do I think it’s important to know that it can be hard (you might be breaking some pretty long standing habits!), and it’s ok to think about it in terms of what you can do. You can always add to your goals.
  3. Be Kind to Yourself: When I first did a 30-day vegan challenge I had a melt down in my kitchen over a pot of lentils. I was hungry, crying, and had no idea what to eat. I ended up going out and having a salad with blue cheese AND bacon. I know, right? Then I regrouped and got back up on the wagon. If you slip up, don’t quit. Just get right back up and start where you left off. Dinner is probably not worth crying over.

Veganuary has tons of resources on their sit so take some time to explore it. I’ll be posting recipes you can use – and I promise they are delicious! Vegan is not about sitting around eating tofu. In fact, if soy is not your thing, you should know I eat very little soy (just see my Thanksgiving Review). Plus, you can make meals that everyone will love.

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