Smashed Chickpea Sandwich

How’s your veganuary going? Are you trying it out at least a bit? Even if you are not full on in, I hope you’re giving it at least a little bit of a whirl. There’s so much yummy  vegan goodness out there!

Today, I want to share with you a very easy (and delicious!) chickpea sandwich that you can make with just a tiny bit of advanced planning. I’d had a smashed chickpea sandwich bookmarked on my Pinterest page since the beginning of time, and I had never gotten around to it. What motivated me was the idea that perhaps I could take it to work with me for lunch. And there are many versions out there where this would work. Of course the version I landed on didn’t. I landed on this one which is grilled.

Let me say that I tweaked this recipe. It’s officially called, “Smashed Chickpea, Avocado, and Roasted Tomato Sandwich with Cheesy Tofu.” But let me tell you, I’m not super big into tofu. I also get lazy when it comes to avocados.

I wanted to make this sandwich pretty much every day this week. I’d be working from home four out of five days plus my first go around with it was a Sunday. The first – and really only – thing you need to be organized about is roasting your tomatoes. I did this Sunday before lunch. I read that I could store my extra tomatoes packed in olive oil in the fridge so I did that. I just randomly guessed at how many roma tomatoes to buy. We’ll see how it pans out over the course of the week.

I did not buy an avocado. I got little packets of Wholly Guacamole. I like the spicy kind. Get what floats your boat. I love these little packets because I really get the most out of them. Plus, whatever you don’t use by the best buy date you can freeze. Nothing goes to waste here.

Next up: The tofu. I wasn’t interested in this so I tossed it out and use some Chao cheese (original flavor) instead. I used just one slice. It was plenty. I’m not sure that the cheese worked for me on this though. Chao is awesome vegan cheese. I’m just not convinced it belong on this sandwich.

Now that I’ve got the tomato roasting out of the way, I assume this sandwich will be pretty easy to pull together during the week. I had an apple with it. It was an amazing sandwich. And there you go! An easy vegan sandwich.

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