ALO Goddess Leggings

One of the nice things about having to change studios is that I am getting exposed to a whole new range of yoga wear! Great, right? Now I have even more things to buy. Several people at my studio wear ALO Goddess Leggings. Have you seen these? They looked like the most comfortable things ever. EVER.

So, yeah, I had to order a pair. I got these. And FYI: I had a difficult time finding a top to match it. I wanted a solid since the pants are a print. I ended up finding a ribbed black long-sleeved shirt at Target for next to nothing. Works perfectly. Matches the bottom half so well. Plus the Goddess Leggings are basically 100.00. I was in the market for a cheap top. 🙂

The leggings are just as comfy as you would think they would be. I ordered a medium, and I think next time I will go with a small. I’m 5’8″ tall with a 28-inch waist. The leggings were a bit long. They are supposed to be long (obviously) because they cover part of your feet. But they were bunched up in the legs a bit. I had to pull them up pretty high to get it to work out. I was worried that a small would be too small so I didn’t return. I also wanted to get right to wearing asap while the weather was right. Their sizing chart suggests I should have ordered a small, but I have a difficult time thinking of myself as a small when most everything I own is a medium (plus I was right on the line between small and medium).

I’ve seen students practice in them at my studio, and I’ve seen teachers wear them while teaching a class. I could wear these to teach a class in, but I don’t think I would take class in them. First, while I love having them wrap around the bottom half of my feet I do not think I want anything on my feet while I take class. That’s a personal preference. Second, while the top half is perfect for doing yoga in, I think the bottom half would be uncomfortable. Keep in mind that I’m still doing hot yoga. I think if the room was less than 90 degrees these pants could be perfect. But who am I to say? I mean, I don’t practice in rooms less than 100 degrees.

That said, these leggings are awesome to have for the winter time to wear around the house. They are super comfy and snuggly. Hurry up and grab a pair before winter is over!


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