Wheat Berry Salad

I love wheat berries. I fell in love with them several years ago while attending a vegan Thanksgiving event. For a long time, I had a habit of eating a small bowl of wheat berries (and nothing else) for breakfast. Then I grew tired of that and just sorta forgot all about them.

Well, they are back.

Check out this awesome Wheat Berry Salad recipe. I decided I wanted to have wheat berries again, but I wanted to do more than eat just a plain bowl of them. I had left over dried cranberries and (believe it or not) white balsamic vinegar. Both of these ingredients were bought for some other random kitchen experiment of mine and were now just sitting on my shelf. So I was excited to get to use them. All you have to do is omit the cheese, and this recipe instantly becomes vegan. Not too difficult. I thought I might miss the cheese, but I didn’t.

My wheat berries took about 30 minutes to cook to the consistency that I liked. I followed the directions for cooking them based on the package they came in (not the directions for the recipe). Once they cooled, I added everything in. The first day I had this with a tofurkey sausage (spinach and pesto). That worked fine. I cut the tofurkey up into little rounds and cooked them in oil. Then I mixed them in with the salad.

The next two times I had it I just served myself a bigger portion and had it by itself for lunch. I’d like to be able to tell you how many meals I got out of this, but The Boyfriend wouldn’t stop eating it back on Day One. I had to yell at him to stop because I seriously wanted left overs. I was counting on them. This is the guy who thinks most of my food is weird (but tastes great) and didn’t know what a wheat berry was until he tried it for the first time. Then he decided he couldn’t stop shoving them in his face. I know – they are awesome – but leave me some, ok?

Wheat berries are full of fiber and are insanely good for you. Making a salad out of them is a simple and efficient way to use them. Since the recipe I linked to uses olive oil, the salad will congeal a bit when stored in the fridge. All I did was scoop out what I wanted around 7:00 am, and it was totally good to eat from 11:00 on. This means that it would be a great option to take with you to work. You can leave it at room temperature, and it requires no heating. Just eat when you get hungry!

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