How Was The Academic Yogi Created?

The Academic Yogi was created as a result of my previous blog, My Bikram Yoga LifeWhen my Bikram yoga studio closed, I started practicing at a studio that offered hot vinyasa. It didn’t make sense to maintain a blog about Bikram yoga if I wasn’t maintaining a regular Bikram practice. I decided to name my new blog Academic Yogi to recognize the fact that I have a career in academia but also a strong yoga practice. If you are interested about the academic side of things, you can read about it here.

What Is The Mission of Academic Yogi?

The overall mission of Academic Yogi is to help you consider how you can be more mindful in your life and apply what you learn on the mat to your professional and personal life. As with My Bikram Yoga Life related issues in health, such as meditation and vegetarian/vegan diets, will continued to be examined and discussed.

Who Is This Site For?

This site is intended for anyone who has an interest in considering how what we learn from our yoga practice can be applied in our personal and professional lives.

What About My Bikram Yoga Life?

At some point, MBYL will be shut down. I decided against moving the posts from MBYL over here only because Academic Yogi represents a new phase in my life. Don’t worry. I kept a back-up copy of all my MBYL posts.